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Benefit 2020: Looking Ahead

Already we're making plans for benefit as it looms large on the horizon. Something this large in scale needs to be worked on in little pieces at a time—a solicitation letter here, a rental reservation there.

It only makes sense that the work is starting now, lining up volunteers and supporters, reserving tents, preparing for an avalanche of auction items, and stream-lining meal preparation.

Naturally, in these past few weeks, the question has arisen: "Will there even be a Benefit 2020?" The simple answer is that God is the only one who knows the answer to that. God holds our tomorrows; He knows what is coming at us this summer; He knows whether benefit will happen.

Until then, we are moving forward in the faith that He will make a way for us to host this annual event. We trust that if He wants this benefit to happen, He will make it possible.

Would you pray with us that circumstances would clear up before August so that things can continue to move forward? And would you pray that God would give us the clarity to make wise decisions?

Now is also the time to figure out how you would like to be involved in this year's benefit. Would you like to oversee a certain part of the benefit? Would you like to help at the supper, bake goodies for the bake sale, or bring in produce for the farmer's market? Would you like to come and bid on auction items and enjoy delicious food and music? Is God prompting you to support Homecoming Day plans financially?

There are lots of things in the works for this year's benefit. Would you consider being involved?

Contact Michelle Kennell, Volunteer Coordinator for more information or to volunteer: 309.923.2071, ext. 114 or

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