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Appreciating Our Volunteers

This week is National Volunteer Appreciation Week.

We love our volunteers. Every single day of the year, we have volunteers delivering mail, helping with church services, assisting residents with beauty shop, helping with activities, driving residents to appointments and on outings, and many other tasks.

Sometimes these tasks are menial and unrecognized.

Recently, we've had to cut out our volunteers due to the pandemic sweeping across our nation. This has made us more grateful than ever for those who go above and beyond every day for the simple payment of a smile or kind word.

Our volunteers are a necessary part of our Home, and this pandemic is teaching us that, while staff can maybe fill in our volunteer tasks short-term, this could never be a long-term solution. We look forward to welcoming you back into our Home. We miss you and our residents miss you.

This week is a chance for us to say thank you to all those of you who have touched our Home, and in turn, the lives of the residents and staff. Whether you are able to volunteer every day or only once or twice a year, you are a blessing.

Thank you!

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