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The Power of Mundane

Living through a quarantine that keeps us cooped up indoors makes us go just a little insane (tell me I'm not the only one). But now I have a new appreciation for the mundane, ordinary events in life. Outings to grocery stores have become highlights of the week--maybe I can see someone I know? And if I do, maybe I can chat over the produce section. One of my friends said how happy she was just to glimpse a member of her church as she drove down the road. Another person told me that it made her day to just see her grandchildren from a six-foot distance.

I hope this new appreciation for little things--game nights with the family, schoolwork on the kitchen table, connecting with friends through a phone call--never wears off. That first joy of being together with loved ones and church families will be sweet. Let's not forget that this mundane existence can work gratitude and joy within us, and let's never take those simple pleasures in life for granted again.

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