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Hold On

Earlier in this whole pandemic craziness, I felt hopeless. The world was careening out of control. According to some reports, death was nigh unto every American unless we washed our hands to the ABCs and stayed six feet from everyone else. According to others, no news source could be trusted (aside from themselves, of course).

I grew increasingly frustrated as statistic after statistic proved to be warped, as journalism as a whole seemed to be corrupt, and as the economy nose-dived.

"Hold on," you might be thinking, "there are valid news sources, some statistics aren't all that far off, and many businesses are surviving--thriving, even."

Yes, indeed.

Hold on.

Throughout this global panic, I've told myself that many times.

"Hold on. Don't rush to conclusions."

"Hold on. Those people are doing what they think is right. Don't judge them so harshly."

"Hold on. There are several ways of looking at those statistics."

Yes, hold on.

But hold on to what?

I can hold on to news sources, but they will fail me, they will misrepresent the truth, they will provide inaccurate data. Because--guess what?--there are fallible humans involved.

I can hold on to statistics, draw them close around me like a blanket to comfort me that the numbers are smaller than anticipated and that life can return to normal soon. But those numbers are unpredictable.

I can hold on to my viewpoints and bash those whose opinions are different than mine. I can make enemies everywhere I go because surely I'm right and they're wrong.

But in frustrating and dark times, we have to hold on to God.

God saw this coming at us, saw the political, economic, and psychological implications of a global pandemic. He saw how Satan could use this for fear.

He knew. And He allowed it. He allowed it for our good and for our growth.

And now He invites you to hold on.

Not to news sources or statistics or anger or fear.

But to hold on to Him.

Because if anyone knows how or when this will end, it's Him.

So just hold on.

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