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Celebrating Healthy

By now, most people have heard of the "quarantine fifteen," the hypothetical amount of weight gained while camping out indoors. There is something about being bored that makes many of us imagine that we're hungry.

We are not exempt from this here at the Home. It seems like we do a lot of eating--little snacks, of course, but surrounded by bigger meals. Our Activity Department recognizes this and has made it a point to offer healthy snacks--fresh veggies with dip and fruit trays.

Often when I draw your attention to national month or day celebrations, they have to do with unhealthy food, like National Soft Pretzel Month. And there is a place for that. It's fun to make and eat food that doesn't make us feel like a health nut.

But May is when the earth is starting to come alive and the first harvests are ready. This season makes me want to eat healthy foods, to "live off the land," to gather that first round of spinach, to cook everything from scratch with homegrown ingredients.

So, luckily for people like me, National Egg Month and National Asparagus Month are both celebrated in May. Naturally, I began to wonder if there were any good recipes to celebrate them both.

This one looked super tasty to me, but feel free to come up with your own healthy recipes to keep that quarantine fifteen at bay.

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