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Quarantine Life

Have you been wondering what's been keeping us busy?

When the quarantine first began, most of us struggled through finding ways to stay occupied and happy in a time when visitors were restricted.

Obviously, large gatherings in the lobby discussing old times came to a screeching halt. Bingo as we knew it changed from a social activity into an independent, in-room activity.

But there were things that we discovered along the way--fun things to stay occupied and safe. We've had room visits with snacks, Bingo at least weekly, flower planting, window visits, bus trips, individual crafts, parades, paper airplane throwing contests, remote control car racing, special meals delivered to rooms, and much more.

Don't get us wrong. We miss our loved ones and catching up with each other over coffee in the dining room, but we are finding ways to cope with this situation.

Rest assured that your loved one is being loved on and taken care of.

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