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Road Trip

I remember how carefree road trips were when I was a child--my siblings and I tucked into the backseat with books and snacks, my dad at the wheel, and my mom reading snatches of her book to Dad as we bumped along.

I don't remember worrying about where we would stay the night or the road and weather conditions. I didn't wonder if we had reservations for the next town or if we were planning to drive late into the night. In my innocent childhood, I didn't worry about whether Dad could keep us safe from other careless drivers.

Am I this trusting with God?

This year has been quite a road trip.

We started off the year with the uncertainty of a pandemic, which dissolved into politics, inter-personal drama, and arguments. Now we're in the throes of nightly rioting and looting, which is becoming another contentious topic between friends and family.

If ever you feel uncertain about the future, now is the time.

And yet, as believers, we don't need to feel uncertain.

We're safely tucked into the back seat, aware of what's going on, but not fretting or stewing about it, because we know the Driver knows how to navigate us through.

And this road is not the destination. We don't have to camp out here in this mess of a construction zone because it's not the end of the journey.

Yes, this road has lots of curves, and sometimes we get turned around, but we're not driving so that's okay.

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