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Beautician Appreciation

Tomorrow is National Beautician's Day.

In these past few months, absence has made our ladies' hearts grow even fonder toward our beauticians.

Kim Schneider typically comes in on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Joan Corson comes in on Thursday afternoons. The regularity and dependability of these two have made it a treat for our ladies to get their hair done. So much so, that when one of our beauticians stopped by to say hello through the front window, many of her resident clients jumped at the chance to come to the lobby and chat a little.

Beauticians, we know the quarantine has been hard on your business. And we know that what you do daily isn't easy.

But we are so grateful.

And especially to our hair-dressers here at the Home, thank you for always treating our ladies well, for making them each feel special and heard. Thank you for pouring your hearts into our Home.

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