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Benefit 2020: How to Donate an Item

There has been a bit of confusion over donating auction items, and now that we've got it figured out on our end, we thought it would be nice to let you know how to go about donating items for our auction.

  1. Come up with a creative idea. Some people like to do gifts of service (such as several hours of housekeeping or a cookie decorating class). Some people like to donate electronic devices or children's toys or handmade items. Still others like to donate experiences, such as nights in a hotel or vacation experiences. Really, the options are endless.

  2. Call Michelle at (309) 923-2071, ext. 114. This is necessary for us to be able to gather some information about the item--information like your name, your email address (for the receipt), the description of the item, the fair market value of the item, and how you want your name to be listed (some people prefer to remain anonymous). It is also necessary to set up a drop off time. If you prefer, you can email Michelle at, but be sure to include all of this information in your email. For those items that are a bit more time sensitive, such as fresh baked goodies, it is not necessary to drop the items off until after the auction. We can work those details out for you when you call or email.

  3. Drop off the item in the foyer and ring the doorbell. Tell the person who comes to the door that it's a donation for the auction.

We can take donations for the auction up until August 14, but if you want your donation to be advertised in the newsletter, please have it here at the Home by July 24.

We're trying to keep it simple for those who want to donate, but we have to admit that COVID is keeping everyone on their toes. Please be gracious with us as we continue to figure out how to make this year's benefit work!

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