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Benefit 2020: A Checklist

Months worth of planning are reaching their climax this week. Gracious volunteers who have been working from their own homes in their own free time are ready to make this weekend a success.

Here's a checklist to make sure that you're equipped for the weekend.

  • Create an account here or log in to your account here. Note: you must have an account in order to bid, but not in order to see the items listed. So if you're not sure you want to bid on items (but you will, because there's stuff there for everyone), take a look at the auction items and decide whether or not you want to create an account. I promise, creating an account is super simple--just an email address, name, and password (and you can forget the password as soon as the weekend is over).

  • Hit the bank to get some cash for the fish fry on Friday night ($10 for the meal and $3 for pie, so make sure you have at least $13--extra if you're like most of us and want more than one piece of dessert) and cash for Saturday night's bake sale, craft sale, farmer's market, and ice cream truck.

  • Make sure your phone/tablet/laptop/PC is up and running, fully charged, and otherwise ready for lots of bidding. The auction runs from Friday at 8:00 to Saturday at 4:00. That's a lot of bidding.

  • Gather your lawn chairs, picnic blankets, and spare cash. The music in the park starts at 6:00 and goes until 8:00, but you'll want to come a little early to get yourself some baked goodies, farmer's market produce, and ice cream before it starts. If you forget your picnic blanket, that's fine too, because we've got lovely hand-crocheted blankets at the craft sale.

We hope to see you either online or in person this weekend! Thanks for your support!

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