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Benefit 2020: Thank you

Thank you.

Have we said that recently?

It's been crazy busy here as we prepared for our online/drive-through Homecoming Day benefit and wound down from that, cleaning up, putting away, and recapping. (In fact, it's been so busy that you may have noticed that our banner on the home page that advertised the benefit didn't come down until just today.)

As we finished putting picnic tables back in the pavilion last Saturday night, I couldn't help but smile. Benefit weekend was such a full, rich experience, and it exceeded my hopes (especially since I didn't know what to hope for).

Thank you for being a community that cares and supports. Thank you for having the energy to haul donated auction items here for drop-off, for taking the time to make an account and bid, for making it a priority to create from-scratch pies, for sitting in line for a fish dinner, for coming and celebrating community in the park with us.

We are so blessed to have you.

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