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Build a Memorial

And just like that, August has slipped away from us, and we're looking at September.

Looking back at the past month, I am amazed at how God has worked--through the turmoil of an unknown benefit, through the uncertainties of new and changing state requirements, and through changes in my personal life.

He is faithful.

And like the children of Israel after they crossed the Jordan River into the Promised Land, it is good that we remind ourselves of that. We set up monuments to call attention to His goodness--maybe not monuments of stones, but memorials that point to His grace, tangible things that remind us of how He moved in the past.

But we also need to keep moving forward. The Israelites were not instructed to stand there beside their memorial to admire it forever, and neither are we to stand looking back at our happy memories of how God moved. We are instructed to keep moving, to keep pressing on, to take on the battle, and engage in the war. In this way, we prove God's faithfulness again and again. If we stay stuck in our fond memories, we never have a chance to exercise our faith that God will prove Himself again.

So with that in mind, I have to wonder: what new changes will September bring? Will there be a loosening of regulations? Can we hope (and pray) for that?

And, mostly, will I trust that God will remain faithful in whatever happens?

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