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National Piano Month

In this season of not having volunteers bless us with their talents and time, we have a renewed appreciation for everything they do for us.

September is National Piano Month, and this makes me remember all of the precious individuals who have come in to perform for our residents (and to be completely honest--our staff. We probably enjoy it just as much).

Maybe it doesn't feel like much to come in for half an hour or an hour to perform, but it means the world to us here at the Home.

It doesn't take a researcher to know that music is calming. The whole career field of Music Therapy opened up based on this premise.

For a distraught or upset resident, "Amazing Grace" or "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" will bring back memories of happier times.

So this September, as we celebrate National Piano Month, please know that we are missing you. We'll get you back on the schedule as soon as we can!

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