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Hello, Fall

Fall is--hands down--my favorite season. I'm not sure why, other than the fact that it smells good, tastes good, and looks good.

Do I need more reasons?

Our Home, nestled on the outside of rural Roanoke, gets to see the beauty of harvest out our windows. We can see the grain trucks rumbling down the road and hear the hum of harvesters in the field.

For many of our residents--especially the men--these experiences take them back in time to early adulthood, when they were running the auger or the grain truck.

This time of year is great for taking drives to watch the leaves turn or to see how much harvesting has been done.

It's also a great time just to sit, sip cider, and think.

Maybe the reason I love fall so much is that the hard work of summer (preserving garden produce, weeding, trimming, mowing, etc.) is winding down, and the frosty autumn mornings are beginning.

We're turning the page to the next chapter.

Hello, Fall.

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