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August 15-21, 2021 news

HOMECOMING DAY is Friday and Saturday, August 27-28. A drive thru Fish Fry dinner will be Friday, the 27th, from 4:30 – 7:00 p.m. Each meal is $10 and includes fried fish w/ tartar sauce, green beans, coleslaw, rye bread, and a chocolate chip cookie. Traffic will move east on Davison Street. Please enter from the west to proceed to the multi-purpose room on the back side of the nursing home to get your meal. The online auction starts Friday, August 27, at 8:00 a.m. and concludes Saturday, August 28, at 7:00 p.m. An easy access link to the auction items on the website is available on the Home’s website: Thank you for your support of the Home’s mission as all proceeds directly benefit the Apostolic Christian Home of Roanoke.

Construction is progressing on the initial concrete pouring of the new canopy project. The west side of the circle drive has the new concrete poured and is currently curing. Once that’s done and safe to drive on, the visitation Cottage will be moved back on the new concrete. Then the next phase of the project will be able to start. It’s been extremely exciting to watch this huge improvement at the Home materialize and everyone appreciates Dan Magnuson in maintenance for his efforts to help coordinate all of this.

The activity department started off the week of August 16 with Morning Stretches. This Monday residents gathered in a circle in the lobby to hit a balloon to each other, trying really hard to keep the balloon from touching the ground. Everyone really enjoyed this new way to get moving in the mornings. Next it was time for Silly Science. Activity Director Jenna Sizemore lead the 3 experiments. The first one was to pour water onto a plate and shake pepper onto the water. Once it settled, a Q-tip was dipped in Dawn dish soap. When the Q-tip was placed into the middle of the plate, the pepper shot to the sides as if repelled. Many thought it was pretty funny. The 2nd experiment was somewhat similar but with milk and food coloring. When a Q-tip again dipped in Dawn dish soap was placed into the milk, the food coloring wanted to avoid the soap and made really cool colors while doing so. The final experiment was the favorite. Residents made a homemade lava lamp. Starting with a glass jar that was filled with water and oil, each chose a color and it was added to the oil and water mixture. Then an Alka-Seltzer tablet was dropped in...and the magic began, making the water, oil, and food coloring look like it’s mixing/bubbling like a lava lamp! The fun and excitement continued that afternoon with many residents gathering to win candy at BINGO.

Crafts on Tuesday gave residents the opportunity to allow their creativity run wild in Complete a Look. The unique, crafty idea started with different silhouettes of ladies in long dresses or men with beards wearing hats. Each resident chose which picture they wanted to use. A variety of random, decorative objects like colorful beads, fuzzy balls, buttons, stickers, googly eyes, yarn, glitter glue, etc. was available to Complete the Look. It was impressive how beautiful each creation turned out. In the afternoon, fresh popcorn was passed out to munch while a special movie was shown on activity channel 2 for everyone to enjoy in the comfort of their own favorite chair.

Wednesday morning the activity room was buzzing with residents playing Wheel of Fortune. Words and phrases related to kids going back to school was the theme. Staff were blessed with a free beverage from Faire Coffee that afternoon, thanks to the Carol Sauder family. This special treat included an assortment of coffees and iced coffees/lattes as well as smoothies and lots more choices available at the Faire Coffee traveling booth that was in front of the Home that afternoon. Emily Hartter, founder and owner of the business stated, “Faire Coffee was created to connect people. Our desire is to spread joy one cup at a time because of Jesus who is the source of my joy and hope. Whether in jars delivered to your front porch, over the counter in our shop, through the windows of the camper at a regular stop or at your special event, we are here to serve you and are so thankful to have several avenues to do that. We strive to provide quality drinks and customer service that you deserve.” Check out their website: A big thanks to the Sauder family for their kind, generous hearts to encourage all the employees who work at the Home in this unique way. Residents were pampered again at Relax & Revive in the activity room after lunch. Several ladies came in to get their nails polished along with a nice hand and back massage by Activity Assistant Linda Breach or CNA Heather Simmons who also works in H/R. One resident who enjoyed this activity a couple weeks ago specifically came back for another massage, saying Activity Director Jenna Sizemore gave “the best back I had in years. You hit all the areas on my body that really needed attention.” Jenna told everyone to come again the next time we have this to which one resident replied, “I would be a fool not to come again!” One resident who came for a foot soak and massage also got their toenails done snf afterwards commented, “my toenails have never looked this good. Thank you!”

Residents on Thursday morning who attended the Resident Council were given the opportunity to voice any opinions, concerns, or praise in confidentiality. Meanwhile, there was also a coloring station set up at the table in the lobby for other residents who didn’t want to participate in Resident Council. In addition, Activity Assistant Dalton Logan went to Country View to play BINGO with the tenants there. After the busy morning, residents and staff, too, were treated to an Ice Cream Buffet that afternoon. The ice cream machine was cranked up to give options of chocolate, vanilla, or swirl soft serve. And if that wasn’t enough, a large assortment of toppings was available, including crushed Oreos, M&Ms, chocolate and butterscotch chips, strawberry topping, mini Reese’s peanut butter cups, chocolate and caramel sauce, sprinkles, and more. What a delicious summer treat! In the background, lively Beach Boys music was played to make it feel even more like a real party.

Country View tenants enjoyed birthday cake for lunch dessert on Friday in celebration of Carol and Al Arnold’s birthdays this month. In Step Back in Time, several residents enjoyed reminiscing about when they went to school as a kid. It was impressive how some remembered walking to school in the snow, their teachers’ names, and even what grades they received. It was interesting to compare how their school experiences were and how the times have changed in todays’ age of COVID and remote learning. That afternoon the laughs could be heard down the halls from the dining room where Remote Control Cars were being driven. The goofy manner in which some cars seem to have a mind of their own had them running into each other, the tables, other residents’ chairs, and even the staff. What hilarity! Activity staff were busy throughout the day, decorating for next week’s Rainbow Week theme. Many smiles and cute comments were made as the colorful decorations were put up. The evening concluded with a movie shown on activity channel 2, allowing everyone to wind down after another eventful week.

NOTICE: The visitation Cottage has been temporarily moved and is currently unavailable for use. The online scheduling option for the Cottage has been disabled at this time. This is only a short-term closure of the Cottage during the front canopy remodeling project while the west side of the driveway is getting new concrete, which is where the Cottage was located. Thank you for your patience during these exciting improvements at the nursing home.

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