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December 27, 2020 - January 2, 2021 news

Thank you to the many thoughtful individuals and families who remembered all the residents in the facility with beautiful greeting cards this season. It was quite touching to see the volume of people who did extra tokens of love and kindness to those residing the nursing home—more than any other year! One very talented person even hand painted a beautiful greeting card for every resident! Another family taught their children the gift of giving their time by having little ones prepare a greeting card to every resident of whom none were they related or even had any connection! May God bless each one who made the special effort to share with those who are shut in and reside here. These seemingly small tokens mean so very much, especially to those who have little or no family.

Monday was back to regular routine with the Monday Morning Manicures that the ladies enjoy so much. Activity staff does a great job of pampering with hand massages using fragrant lotions. A replay of Sunday’s church service was available for viewing on the activity channel.

It was time to get back in shape on Tuesday with Chair Exercises. These easy-to-do, by yourself, in your own room stretches are great for helping keep your range of motion and just give you that feeling of wellbeing when you’re done.

Wednesday morning there was an extra special musical window entertainment by

Rebekah Hoffman, who braved the winter temperatures to play the keyboard outside the lobby window. It was very touching to see both her grandmother, residents Helen Zobrist, and her former piano teacher, Marlis Sauder, engaged in her performance from inside the window. Plus, residents who were in their rooms could still enjoy the live music with the microphone outside via our intercom.

Oh happy day is BINGO day! Residents love to play BINGO and thoroughly enjoy the candy prizes, too. Activity Assistant Judy Magnuson called out the numbers over the intercom on Wednesday for everyone to hear while busily covering their game boards in their rooms. At the end of each round, activity staff go around to each room with mini chocolates to help count up how many 5-in-a-row winners there are. And imagine the fun when the cover all winner gets a full size chocolate candy bar.

To celebrate New Year’s Eve, an afternoon toast and hors d’oeuvres of assorted salami & cheese were served. That evening the activity department sponsored a Pizza Party for dinner. All thoroughly enjoyed and indulged in pizza from Triple H Pizza Place followed by the Roanoke Apostolic Christian New Year’s Eve church service over the intercom. Happy New Year!

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