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February 14-20, 2021

Snow. Snow! And LOTS more snow!! The week of February 14 started with heavy snowfall that required extra help with all the snow removal at the Home, Country View apartments, and duplexes. Thank you to the many volunteers from the Roanoke Apostolic Christian Church who helped with shoveling the smaller sidewalk areas as well as the volunteer who brought big farm-size snow removal equipment to move this major snowfall that thankfully only comes once every few years.

With Valentine’s Day on a Sunday this year, it was lovely to once again have a minster come into the Home to preach. What a blessing to gather together to worship for this very special sermon. Thank you, Bro. Ed Sauder for sharing the morning with those confined in the nursing home.

The Monday morning devotion focused hearts on our Heavenly Father with the verse “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

In recognition of Presidents’ Day, several movies on Abraham Lincoln and one on George W. Bush were shown on activity channel 2 throughout the day. The movies included “Young Mr. Lincoln,” “Lincoln at Gettysburg,” and “Lincoln His Life and Legacy” as well as the one on Pres. George W. Bush simply called “W.”

Many ladies were ready for a “touch up” at Manicure Monday that day. It’s always nice to feel dolled up for the week.

BINGO was a popular activity in the afternoon with numbers being called over the intercom for both the residents at the Home as well as Country View tenants to be able to play along. The candy trays looked extra colorful with pink and red Valentine candy prizes that had been donated. Thank you to the generous giver!

Crafts was the morning activity on Tuesday. It was fun to make small bean bags together. Due to COVID related precautions, a set of bags for each resident to use for assorted games (rather than share the same set) was made. Brightly colored, fun patterned children’s socks were filled with dried beans. Next, we tied them in a knot and secured them with a tiny rubber band. Three coordinating socks were made per set, placed in a zip lock bag, and labeled with each resident’s name. Everyone is looking forward to playing many rounds of bean bag toss and other games with these adorable little sock bags.

Tuesday’s Travelogue feature was “Washington, D.C. an Inspiring Tour.” This DVD explored the Smithsonian Institution with its many museums, including the National Air and Space Museum. It also gave a tour of the White House and shared history on the capitol building, National Archives, Library of Congress, and Ford’s theater. These all tied in well with the other Presidents’ Day themed activities throughout the week.

Random Acts of Kindness Day was Wednesday. In celebration of this wonderful occasion, little notes were printed on bright colored paper with sayings like “Be Amazed with yourself! You are doing great work! Thanks for all you do! Hope this brings you a smile! You are so very loved!” Residents were provided the notes to hand out to staff and friends as an encouragement and small Random Act of Kindness gesture. What a simple but effective way to share love and appreciation to those around us who often do so much for others.

In addition, on yet another cold wintery day, we warmed up with a game of BINGO and candy prizes.

Thursday morning doing chair exercises along with the Let’s Get Moving DVD shown on activity channel 2 allowed residents to be active while still in their own rooms.

Inspirational Stories were read in the afternoon. It’s always good to hear short accounts of real life happenings that reassure us of God’s presence and nearness when other people are going through challenging circumstances and events in their lives. This reminded everyone that He will help us, too, through whatever difficulty is facing our loved ones or that we ourselves are dealing with at the time.

Friday residents shared memories of snow days in Step Back in Time, recalling how children didn’t have waterproof snow boots like available today. Some even had NO boots and had to walk to school in their regular pair of shoes with heavy socks. When looking out the window at the snow falling down outside the Home, someone thought back and remarked, “Yes, snow just like back in the days!” Another memory shared was about having to care for their animals in the bitter winter and dealing with frozen water tanks for cattle or other livestock.

In the theme of freezing weather, that afternoon the Disney movie Frozen was shown on activity channel 2. This is a story of two sisters who have very different personalities. The sequel Frozen 2 was played on Saturday for both residents and Country View tenants to happily watch in the warmth of their own rooms.

It was National Cherry Pie Day on the 20th. Fresh cherry pies were purchased from Braker’s Market in Eureka as well as some from Sam’s Club, giving residents a choice of cherry cream or lattice top cherry pies. Scrumdiddlyumptious! Did you know scrumdiddlyumptious is a real word? In the Oxford Dictionary, the definition is “extremely scrumptious; excellent, splendid; (esp. of food) delicious” which totally described those cherry pies.

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