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January 17-23, 2021 news

Sunday morning, January 17, the Roanoke Apostolic Christian Church Service was live streamed on activity channel 2 as well as played over the intercom. Watching the church service live from the church on the prairie has been such a blessing during COVID when a service cannot be held at the nursing home.

The movie shown on activity channel 2 over the weekend was about twin tiger cubs living a carefree life in an exotic jungle amidst ancient ruins. But one day they are forced apart. One is sold to a circus, while the other becomes a pampered pet of a governor’s son. Resident’s followed the story of the tigers’ lives and enjoyed watching as they eventually both found their way back home.

Each week the Woodford County Journals newspapers are delivered. Oftentimes they are passed out during room visits. Residents look forward to receiving and reading these each week to keep up with current topics as well as those of past events.

Monday’s Daily Guidepost focused our hearts on giving thanks. Ephesians 5:20 “Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Manicure Mondays was busy as usual with pampering our pretty ladies. One resident recently proudly showed her fingernails to her daughter who was visiting, saying “Look! Don’t they look nice! I can finally grow nails now that I’m not scrubbing toilets and washing dishes anymore.” Needless to say, that brought a hearty laugh to both mother and daughter.

BINGO was played in the afternoon via the intercom with staff “runners” busily delivering candy prizes. This game remains a crowd favorite.

Tuesday during room visits another popular game was played. Using a portable dry erase board, Wheel of Fortune was played by guessing the missing letters in the phrases. Many different categories tested everyone’s brains a bit.

The Travelogue that morning available on activity channel 2 was National Geographic’s Ultimate Factories Collection. This was super interesting and featured the Corvette, Peterbuilt, Caterpillar, Pierce Manufacturing (fire trucks), & Winnebago manufacturing plants. That afternoon the musical Annie was played over activity channel 2.

Wednesday morning was BINGO in rooms again. Hurray for the chance to win more candy.

In the afternoon, activity staff offered Remote Control Cars to residents to “cruise” around, with a few taking the opportunity to try to drive the car or truck around their room. It was a fun change of pace for our afternoon visits.

Our afternoon movie was Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. This was a great Disney film for animal lovers that features an adventurous American bulldog, a wise golden retriever, and a cat finding their way through New York. It’s fun for all ages.

That evening the Roanoke Apostolic Christian Church service was available live on activity channel 2 as well as over the intercom for all who were interested.

Dorothy Lawson was able to return to her place in Washington on the 20th after being a resident since December 9.

Herb Pinkham’s family honored their dad/grandpa January 22 for his birthday with gorgeous rainbow roses, a large sheet cake to serve all the residents and staff, and a beautiful frame of family pictures for his room. What a special birthday for Herb with his family remembering him throughout the week with phone calls, video chats, and window visits along with other gifts that included a bed pillowcase of his favorite baseball team. Go Cubs!

Staff was blessed with a delicious lunch from Great Harvest Bread in Morton on Thursday. The assortment of different sandwiches, chips, lettuce salad, and huge cookies along with pop and bottles of water was thoroughly enjoyed by the many employees working that day.

Thank you very much to the family of a couple past residents who provided this wonderful expression of appreciation to those who helped care for their loved ones several years ago. Several staff expressed how touched they were that even after a few years this family still remembers the nursing home where their parents were and wanted to do something special for all those who work there now. What an awesome community to live and work.

That day residents started their morning with chair stretching exercises. Activity staff conducted the monthly Resident Council Meeting, too, going from room to room. Even with COVID related restrictions, most residents gave good feedback, had positive comments, and feel content. In the afternoon, they enjoyed Popcorn Pop-In while watching Homeward Bound II.

Friday afternoon the silliness of I Love Lucy brought laughter throughout the Home and Country View apartments.

Saturday evening was Trivia Night. It’s always fun to see how many questions can be answered correctly.

Marlis Sauder's family appreciated the new outdoor heater and intercom system that was recently installed while enjoying their window visit with their mother and great-grandmother. These improvements make it much more comfortable with the winter temperatures as well as communication is much easier now without having to use cell phones. Family and friends can easily schedule a window visit online on the Home’s website, using the link on the homepage. Planning ahead for a window visit is very helpful as it better allows proper scheduling of staff.

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