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January 3-9, 2021 news

This year's recent ice storm that went through has the trees still looking so picture perfect beautiful like a winter wonderland. Staff as well as those living in the Country View apartments and duplexes certainly appreciate Dan Magnuson in maintenance for the exceptionally great job he does in clearing the snow and spreading ice melt all around the campus. Thank you, Dan!

After bringing in the New Year, the week started out with Manicure Monday on January 4, followed by one-on-one visits from activity staff in the afternoon and evening.

Throughout the day on Tuesday activity staff was busy helping everyone with Crafts. Residents cut out paper hearts and made them into ornaments to replace the Christmas ornaments on the tree in the lobby. Fun phrases like on conversation hearts were written on them. We now have a fun Valentine’s tree to enjoy for the next few weeks. In addition, a Travelogue was shown that morning on activity channel 2. It nice to “get out” to see the country even if it’s only through the TV screen.

Wednesday was game day. In the morning BINGO was played. That afternoon was a special game that activity assistant Payton Martin created. This unique game board had paper cups arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree. Each cup was individually covered in tissue paper to hide its contents. Residents and staff broke through the paper to find a special prize inside. Residents were delighted with the small prizes inside including several pieces of individually wrapped chocolate candies, small bottles of hand sanitizer, and more. It was so funny near the end of the game when one staff member carefully eyed the board and teased “I’m looking for the one that has a $5 bill in it!” But it was hilarious when that person pulled out her prize and it was coal!! She sheepishly said, “Well, that’s what I deserve for being so greedy.” It turned out the 5 small pieces of “coal” were actually 5 little pieces of chocolate candy wrapped in black paper—but they sure did look like coal.

Everyone had the opportunity to get some exercise on Thursday during Morning Stretch with a chair fitness video workout shown on activity channel 2. That afternoon during Inspirational Stories activity staff read from books like Chicken Soup for the Soul. These motivational short stories are a great way to keep optimistic and think positive. Popcorn Pop-In had the air spelling of that great fresh popcorn aroma and was served along with refreshing drinks midafternoon.

Resident Hazel Harrold’s family helped her celebrate her 95th birthday on the 7th with a special birthday hat and balloon as well as provided assorted cookies and cheesecake for all the staff to enjoy throughout the day. Thank you for this delicious treat!

On Friday during Step Back in Time, activity staff reminisced with residents about winter, snow, and ice storms. Do you remember the winter of 1977-78? There were 18 storms in that one winter season! One resident remembered how she and her highschool aged daughter had to do all the shoveling of their long driveway that year because her husband had suffered a heartattack late fall. And that was before snowblowers so it was all by hand with a shovel! The widest part of their turnaround driveway had huge snowpiles that they had to try to throw the snow higher than their heads.

That afternoon an inspirational YouTube video for nursing home residents during the COVID pandemic was shown of children singing praise and worship songs. Check out on of the songs at: Then later laughter could be heard when an I Love Lucy video was played.

Leona Onnen formerly of Benson passed away on the 9th after being a resident since December 2010.

The Saturday afternoon Movie Matinee was Iron Will. This was an action packed Disney film about a courageous team of sled dogs. In the evening after supper, it was Timeless Trivia Night with the theme of The Fabulous Fifties. Film clips along with historic photos and commentary was shown on activity channel 2. This DVD presented viewers with entertaining information about the times, places, events, and people from that decade and encouraged them to engage in memories. Remember how the 1950’s were filled with poodleskirts at sock hops, automatic pinsetters at bowling alleys, drive-in theaters, Chevy cars, diners with jukeboxes, and more. What a fun time as the memories went on and on and on.

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