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July 4-10, 2021 news

Workmen from The Hitchcock Company in Peoria were at the Home recently updating the sprinkler system for the canopy remodeling project. Meeting all the different construction requirements takes a lot of time before the actual building of the new canopy can take place, but it’s still progress and exciting to get closer to seeing what the new canopy will look like.

While many were enjoying July 5 as a federal holiday with companies closed on Monday, it’s business as usual in a 24/7 care facility. Thanks to the dietary department for continuing to help residents celebrate Independence Day with a delicious red, white, and blue dessert as a special treat for lunch that day.

This week the activity department had a “When life give you lemons, make lemonade” theme with special lemon activities and events. In Manicure Monday there was special lemon lotion for a hand massage when getting their nails polished. BINGO that afternoon had colored marshmallows to use as chips instead of plain white. Many appreciated the added touch and some even mentioned that it’s easier to see them on the white paper. It was Wheel of Fortune for the evening activity with phrases using the words lemon, lemonade, yellow, etc. that made it even more fun when following the week’s theme.

Morning Stretch on Tuesday had residents and activity staff waking up their bodies with a lot of arm movements. The residents favorite was boxing the air and boy oh boy does this get the heart going! Later that day even the gentlemen enjoyed the special Lemon Foot Soaks and Scrubs offered by activity staff. This homemade lemon foot scrub made for a very nice foot massage and felt so good. One resident even stated, “Man, I can’t feel my feet any more but I can feel my legs tingling from that foot scrub.” The room was filled with lemon aroma which added further to the very relaxing pampering residents received. Trivia Night that evening had everyone learning more fun facts about lemons and watermelons. Lemons are very high in vitamin C. A lemon is picked immature and then, when it is to be sold, undergoes an artificial maturing process with ethane. Years ago lemons were used for healing when suffering from scurvy. Lemon juice can be used for cleaning and is extremely effective in removing fish odor. Lemons originally came from southeast of China but interestingly do not grow there anymore. Christopher Columbus brought the lemon to America.

It was “Wear Yellow on Wednesday” with residents that morning solving puzzles in Wheel of Fortune with lemon themed words and phrases. The afternoon was blessed with Emily Vonachen from Transitions Hospice bringing in everything to make fresh Lemonade Shake-Ups. These delicious icy drinks were made on the spot with all to watch in anticipation of their refreshing beverage. Residents and staff certainly enjoyed sipping this special treat on a hot, sunny summer day. The evening concluded with the live streaming of the Roanoke Apostolic Christian Church service on channel 2 and over the intercom.

Thursday had residents challenged to lift their foot and try to write their name in the air during Morning Stretches. It certainly looked funny to those who were walking by while those trying to do it said that it’s very challenging. You try it! The lemon themed activities continued with Lemon Watercolor Painting later that morning. Pictures of lemons in different settings were available on white paper. Using yellow and green paint, the pictures came to life with the bright colors. Meanwhile, Country View tenants enjoyed a visit from ABC Doggy. See pictures and a video on the Home’s website from their visit at the nursing home on June 9. That afternoon in BINGO was the wonderful privilege of having a volunteer help again, which was the first time in nearly 16 months. To find out how you can help, too, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Priscilla Bill at 923-2071 ext. 171 to learn the requirements for becoming a volunteer at a long-term care facility while moving through COVID restrictions. In the evening activity Where in The World Are We, residents enjoyed learning about Canada during this fun group activity.

The week wrapped up on Friday with a lively discussion in Step Back in Time about how the tractor has changed so much over the years. Can you imagine trying to do a farmer’s job now with an old tractor and horses? How would you ever get done? Now days the fancy tractors with high tech gear in the cabs make farming a very big business for many with college degrees needed to understand how to use the equipment. The music concert that afternoon on activity channel 2 had many enjoying the great hymn singing of several different southern gospel groups. Several gathered after supper to enjoy a root beer float while watching some old I Love Lucy episodes. The hilarity of Lucy never grows old and the laughs just never cease, especially when enjoying the show together with friends.

Saturday activities included What’s News in the lobby as well as activity staff passing the mail and visiting in rooms with those who couldn’t get out.

SAVE THE DATE…August 27-28, 2021…is Homecoming Day! It has been decided to do an online auction again this year. Anyone who would like to donate a service or new item can drop it off at the Home during normal business hours, or call the Home to arrange another time. Thank you to those who have already brought in their donation as it is very helpful to get items as early as possible to prepare for the auction and also to be able to advertise. A fish fry is also being planning on Friday evening. Watch for further details when available in the newspaper as well as on the Home’s Facebook page and website.

NOTE: “The Cottage,” the new Countryside Barn used for indoor, climate-controlled window visits for residents and their families/friends, continues to be a great way to safely visit loved ones at the Home. This beautiful shed is located in the Home’s west parking lot in front of the building. Remember appointments MUST be scheduled in advance, using the link to Calendly on the homepage of the Home’s website:

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