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June 6-12, 2021 news

SAVE THE DATE…August 27-28, 2021…is Homecoming Day! It has been decided to do an online auction again this year. Anyone who would like to donate a service or new item can drop it off at the Home during normal business hours, or call the Home to arrange another time. A fish fry is also being planning on Friday evening. Watch for further details when available in the newspaper as well as on the Home’s Facebook page and website.

The week of June 7 started with residents enjoying one of their favorite shows…the one with Tiny Bubbles at the beginning. Yes, it was Lawrence Welk on activity channel 2. In addition, the live funeral service for Bob Zimmerman at the Roanoke Apostolic Christian Church was available as well that morning. After supper several residents gathered in the lobby for fun as a group to play Wheel of Fortune. This game is played a little differently than the game show as letters are not purchased, just guessed aloud. Typically, residents choose the vowels first as this is most beneficial in figuring out the word or phrase. In addition in the evenings every night this week, the live Roanoke A.C. Church Vacation Bible School was shown as well as played over the intercom.

Tuesday morning during Goodwill Club residents were offered assistance in writing cards to mail to their loved ones and friends. That afternoon was Board Games in the lobby. Some played Checkers and others, Connect 4. It was the residents versus the activity staff. The residents won every time as many are very skilled at some of these old games that they played in their childhood or with their grandchildren/great grandchildren. It was so good to hear laughter ringing in the front lobby again.

The Puppy Visit from ABC Doggie was a smashing success on Wednesday morning when the Neal Beer family arrived with their adorable Havanese puppies. Residents gathered in front of the nursing home and were seated by the shade tree. The weather was perfect. Residents were delighted as they held and cuddled the pups and watched them romp around the grass and listened to them make their little puppy sounds. “I think they need their mommy,” one resident remarked. Another resident held a small 4-week-old puppy and when singing to it, it went to sleep. The puppies were calming to the residents, too. The Havanese breed are from Havana, Cuba. They are allergy free, don’t shed, and only get to be about 10# making them great for cuddling. ABC Doggy has been breeding them for 14 years. They are loved and cared for and like socialization. Volunteers who helped with the visit today were: Riley & T.J. Beer, Charity Feucht, Landon Martin, Aliya Sauder, and a few others. These darling puppies and helpful volunteers would certainly be welcome back any time. Check out this great You Tube video: NURSING HOME RESIDENTS PLAY WITH PUPPIES AFTER BEING STUCK INSIDE FOR OVER A YEAR! *SO SWEET*

The afternoon was filled with Courtyard Activities while weekly word searches were passed out on the topics of working in the garden and national yogurt & dairy month. The evening concluded with the live VBS available on activity channel 2.

On Thursday morning during Inspirational Stories, moving stories about a mother’s love were read. These stories were dedicated with love to every mother who with unbounded generosity create, nourish, sustain life, and fill our world with beauty and love. One of the lady residents remarked, “Yes, we do a lot of work for our children. That’s the way God created us!” The delicious smell of fresh popped popcorn filled the air in the afternoon during Popcorn Pop-In. The evening activity had activity staff reading Poetry and Riddles room to room and to a small group in the lobby. What has teeth but cannot chew? Ans. a comb! What can you serve but never eat? Ans. a tennis ball! Where can you find the largest diamond in the world? Ans. on a baseball field!

In Step Back in Time on Friday, conversation was about plowing with horses as well as how they used to make homemade sorghum. Sorghum is a sweet, dark, heavy syrup made by cooking the juice squeezed from sorghum cane. Sorghum is a tall cane that looks similar to field corn and makes a cone-shaped seed head. Similar to maple syrup, the sweet juice cooks down into syrup. It takes approximately 10 gallons of sorghum juice to make 1 gallon of syrup. Its qualities are somewhat like that of molasses. Oh, yes, it truly was a step back in time to hear about these accounts of life years and years ago. The afternoon had folks giggling during Let’s Laugh when funny stories and jokes were read aloud to those gathered in the lobby.

NOTE: “The Cottage,” the new Countryside Barn used for indoor, climate-controlled window visits for residents and their families/friends, continues to be a great way to safely visit loved ones at the Home. This beautiful shed is located in the Home’s west parking lot in front of the building. Remember appointments MUST be scheduled in advance, using the link to Calendly on the homepage of the Home’s website:

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