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May 23-29, 2021 news

The canopy remodeling project had some behind the scenes work accomplished the week of May 23. Perhaps it would better be described as underground work as it was actually sewer pipe maintenance that was needing done. Never the less, it was definitely audible to everyone on Tuesday morning that there were workers in the basement by the loud noise of their jackhammer breaking up the concrete. Staff and residents alike were thankful when this noisy pounding part of the new sewer lining work stopped that day. The following day the plumbers were back at it in the basement with more equipment to insert the sewer pipe lining. The process was rather fascinating to the staff whose offices are located in that area of the building. The bright blue light of the liner curing step made a quite a glow in the fairly small hallway area. Thank you to the gentlemen from Tri-County Irrigation for their very hard work on this major job!

Sunday was a very important day for the graduating seniors at Roanoke-Benson High School with the ceremony they had been planning for since kindergarten. The Roanoke Apostolic Christian Church Baccalaureate Service was live streamed that morning for residents to watch on activity channel 2. Some were very thankful to be able to watch their grandchildren and other important high school students singing following their special service.

The work week started with the Daily Guideposts reading over the intercom, reminding us to pause before responding to people or situations to give the Spirit space to act through us. Then it was time for Morning Stretch which got everyone’s motor running for the busy day. A replay of yesterday’s church was available on activity channel 2 to allow those who might have missed the prior day’s special Baccalaureate Service to see it and/or enjoy the high schoolers singing program. Courtyard walks filled the afternoon on a beautiful spring day. Thank you to the ladies in the activity department who got many residents outside to enjoy the fresh air that afternoon and evening.

Thank you to the many families who often remember those at the nursing home by sharing beautiful funeral flower arrangements from their loved one’s visitation or memorial service. These kinds of fresh flower arrangements often have very strong smelling flowers to enjoy.

Wheel of Fortune was played on Tuesday morning as activity staff went room to room for residents to enjoy guessing words and phrase like on the popular game show. In the afternoon, frozen fruit bars were passed out. What a special treat to enjoy a refreshing lime, coconut, or strawberry flavored icy snack. The Sentimental Journey’s Travelogue had a cover story of the origin of Mother’s Day, visiting Anna Jarvis’ birthplace museum in West Virginia. It was interesting to learn how Mother’s Day became a national holiday. Ironically the woman who started it to honor her own mother campaigned against it years later. It then went on to feature some bluegrass bands in the country performing at a festival in Southern Ohio each year and on to scenic America to the natural beauty of Norris Lake near Knoxville, TN. The large man-made lake is a popular vacation destination in the region. The final feature was on spring and the ideal time for planting flowers and trees.

On Wednesday morning, the residents know it’s their favorite…BINGO time! Trying to cover 5 numbers in a row just never grows tiresome and winning candy prizes is always fun. Brain Games were underway as a room to room activity in the afternoon. Staff would ask questions to residents such as what crops grow in different states or what states are in the east or west. Others were content with relaxing in the courtyard or visiting. Some even played a game of checkers. The evening was filled with church.

Marvin Pfister of Roanoke was welcomed to room west 18 on the 27th. Resident Council meeting have continued even during COVID but were adapted by going room to room and asking our council members feedback individually and then compiling it together. Some may wonder just what is a nursing home resident council? Here’s some info adapted from the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Organization. A resident council is an independent group of nursing home residents who meet at a minimum of once a month to discuss concerns and suggestions and to plan activities that are important to them. There are several benefits from these meetings, including improved communications that allow residents to know the facts about what is happening in the Home; help identify problems early, when it is easier to do something about them; serve as a sounding board for facility programming and improvements; help individuals speak out about what’s bothering them, because speaking up as a group is easier than as an individual; improve residents’ quality of life by helping to plan activities and events; create opportunities for residents to work in small groups and get to know each other, develop friendships, and appreciate each other’s skills and ideas. The evening activity was Memorial Day Trivia. Questions included facts like: 1.) What was Memorial Day originally known as? Ans. Decoration Day 2.) What date was Memorial Day first recognized? Ans. May 30, 1868 3.) When was Memorial Day named such by the federal government? Ans. 1967 4.) What poem inspired the tradition of wearing and planting poppy blossoms for Memorial Day? Ans. “In Flanders Fields” by John McCraw In addition, Cottage Visits are now being held some in the evenings, which requires staff to coordinate and assisted with helping residents out to visit with their loved ones coming to see them in the safety of the separate airflow inside each side of the Cottage. Remember appointments MUST be scheduled in advance, using the link to Calendly on the homepage of the Home’s website:

Friday’s Pre-Memorial Day Memories had reading from Good Old Days and Reminisce magazines. The afternoon showing on activity channel 2 was called A League of Grateful Sons. In 2005 a group called Vision Forum utilized three commercial jets, a distant island, and a video camera to uncover some of the untold stories of WWII, and make more people ask instead of just passing by. They took a group of men in their eighties to a remote island in the Pacific. The Island: Iwo Jima. The mission: for the first and probably last time in history to hold a reunion on the shores where 6,822 men died. But more than a reunion, it was an opportunity for sons, grandsons, and great grandsons to hear the stories that are being lost every day. It was also to make a DVD meant to inspire more sons to start asking questions, and more fathers to answer those questions and tell their stories. This documentary tells some of those stories.

When celebrating the important holidays this summer including Memorial Day and 4th of July, many thanks to our veterans and those who currently serve our nation in the various branches of the military.

NOTE: “The Cottage,” the new Countryside Barn used for indoor, climate-controlled window visits for residents and their families/friends, continues to be a great way to safely visit loved ones at the Home. This beautiful shed is located in the Home’s west parking lot in front of the building. Remember appointments MUST be scheduled in advance, using the link to Calendly on the homepage of the Home’s website:

NOTE: This email was received from the Woodford Country Health Department: “We need your help! WCHD is asking for feedback regarding COVID-19 vaccinations. If you are a Woodford County resident, please fill out this short survey so we can continue to serve our communities to the best of our abilities: Feel free to forward or post on your website or social media as you deem appropriate. Thank you for your continued partnership.”

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