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November 22-28 news

Throughout the week residents and staff were in the spirit of Thanksgiving and shared what they were thankful for. Many of these were written on large posters on each hallway for everyone to read and help us all to remember to count our many blessings.

Giant pumpkin pies were a festive surprise gift from Transitions Hospice last Friday afternoon. Activity staff served them up after supper with whipped topping. A few residents passed on the whipped cream though because it would “ruin the taste.” One residents wasn’t hungry… until she saw the pie! Then she really dug in and enjoyed it.

That evening for the Friday Night Comedy Movie residents laughed to “I Love Lucy” on activity channel 2 while sipping on some soda delivered to their rooms.

Eugene Fogliani formerly of Washburn passed away on November 16 after being a resident at the Home since 2013. “Grandpa” as he loved to be called will certainly be missed, sitting every day in the front lobby by the fireplace in his favorite spot.

Dan Fairchild of Eureka was welcomed on the 19th to room west 15B.

On Saturday morning many enjoyed Timeless Trivia. The theme was Stars & Stripes Remembered. The movie on the activity channel featured America’s favorite songs, baseball and, of course, apple pie. The movie presented trivia questions and answers that corresponded with the commentary about our nation’s pride. The activity staff had the questions printed out and walked up and down the halls as residents watched in their rooms and helped them engage along with the trivia prompts.

Some extra special holiday fun started when two Elf-on-the-Shelf arrived at the Home

recently. Like all new “residents” who come into the Home, they are currently in quarantine. After “Rona” and “Corona” are released from their days at the east and west nurses’ stations, the fun will compound as they start their mystical appearance throughout each hallway for residents to try to find them each day. Thanks to Reva Person, Environmental Services Lead, who creatively put together these displays along with the assistance of her daughter, Brenda Jenkins, CNA.

Also that morning each resident was treated with a Tanner’s Apple Cider donut donated by Activity Aide Grace Beckwith and her family. These were passed with cute Thanksgiving napkins.

Manicure Monday started our week off with some relaxation and quality one-on-one time, followed by a replay of the prior day’s Apostolic Christian Church service. That evening a Gospel Sing DVD was available for viewing on activity channel 2 to close the day with some great hymns.

The week’s word searches and puzzles were passed and included themes of Thanksgiving, Turkey Trot, and a fill-in-the-blank Thanksgiving Dinner. Thought provoking activities like these help keep the mind active and healthy.

During In-Room Crafts on Tuesday, residents had the opportunity to make a turkey decoration. They turned out super adorable and started by coloring a clothespin with a brown marker. Then a red gobbler and yellow beak of felt were cut and glued on the clothespin. Googly eyes were added next. The most fun and beautiful part was the feathers. Days before assembly, coffee fitters were dyed by applying a few drops of red, yellow, and orange foodcoloring and adding a little water to run the colors together. They were laid out to dry. The filters were folded in half, scrunched a bit, and clipped in the middle with the clothespin. The residents had so much fun that some even wanted to make two! The extras were used throughout the Home in Thanksgiving displays.

Wednesday afternoon a special treat was passed out that was made by Activity Aide Phyllis Eden. It was a Nutter Butter cookie made to look like a turkey. The darling treats made brought many smiles!

On Thanksgiving Day, the Roanoke Apostolic Christian Church service was played on the intercom in the morning. The dietary department served up a delicious, traditional Thanksgiving Dinner at noon that gave every belly the chance to feel that annual I-ate-too-much-turkey-and-pie feeling. Later that day a replay of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was shown.

Phone calls, window visits and FaceTime/Skype/Zoom video calls continue to be popular ways for families to keep connected with their loved ones during the 2020 COVID pandemic.Resident Helen Zobrist enjoyed getting together via a Thanksgiving Zoom to fellowship with her family this year for some lasting memories. The website to schedule a window visit or video chat is:

Friday you could work off a little of the extra treats throughout the week by doing Chair Exercises. Some folks really enjoyed this and found that the exercises “pump them up” and gave them added energy.

NOTE: With the Christmas season approaching, please consider scheduling a window caroling sing this year by contacting Activity Director Mary Beth Knapp at 923-2071 ext. 170 or via email to to plan a mutually convenient date/time.

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