Notes on Monthly Council

​As I am writing this, there is a very important meeting happening here at the nursing home--Resident Council.

This monthly meeting is a great outlet for the residents to discuss privately what is or isn't working for them.

There is only one staff member present to officiate the meeting and channel the discussions.

If there is a problem, it gets written in the notes and brought up annonymously to the department it involves.

There is a positive angle to this as well. Residents often make comments such as "They're always cleaning this place!" and "They do such a good job!" It is encouraging for the staff to hear these reports.

Following Resident Council, the Activity Director holds Activity Council. This is a sneak peek into the next two months, followed by the opportunity for any new ideas residents may wish to add to the calendar.

One August, a resident mentioned that he'd really like to go to Bass Pro Shops in East Peoria. We were able to arrange a tour of the shops and take a long afternoon outing to East Peoria. Everyone had so much fun on the outing, that this past year, we scheduled similar outing. Some residents even saved up money to buy a few items.

Everyone benefits from our monthly council meetings.

The residents benefit from being able to express their needs and desires.

The staff benefit from receiving feedback from the residents.

And the resident families benefit from knowing that their loved one's needs are being heard and met.

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