The Importance of Remembering the Past

September 11, 2017

It's hard to believe that the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center happened sixteen years ago.

It's even harder to remember that there are people who still think about the attacks every day--people who were directly involved, people who lost spouses or parents in the attacks.

And yet, these people who live with the 9-11 attacks on their minds each day, find it hard to remember that there are people who don't always remember.

Is there value in remembering? Should we continue to look back at the terrorist attacks of 9-11 and ache over the wrongs?

Perhaps we should forget--erase the negative from our memories and live blissfully unaware of the evil that exists in our world.

But that would not be wise.

Neither would it be wise or healthy to focus all of our attention on the past hurts.

Remembering the past is good--it helps us to be aware, to be conscientious, to be alert.

But looking to the future is also good--it keeps us driven, motivated, and hopeful.

In your day of remembrance, don't forget to look ahead.



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