Ending Daylight Savings Time

November 6, 2017


As a child, I never understood the purpose of Daylight Savings Time. It didn't make sense that we could change the hours to do what we wanted them to do. I thought of time as being an absolute--something that could not and would not change.

Now that I'm older, I understand it a little better.

Our bodies are the best time-teller, not the clocks. And when our bodies grow confused, the clocks keep the rhythm the body started.

I'm sure that's oversimplified, but it makes sense to me.

Still, when that first Sunday in November rolls around, the early confusion lingers. Do I "fall back" or "spring forward"? And how long will it take my body to adjust this time? Why does it seem to take longer each year?

Hope you all have an easier transition from one time to the next!

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