The Importance of Having Fun

November 13, 2017

 Having fun has some great side effects:

  • Being yourself. I dare you to have fun while being dissatisfied with yourself. I'm going to say that it absolutely cannot be done.

  • Better health. There is a whole list of health benefits, but just to get you started, lowered blood pressure, stronger abs, and boosted immune systems are among some of the benefits.

  • Better sense of community. It's pretty hard to have fun with someone who is not a friend. It can also work backwards--if you intentionally have a great time with someone you feel neutral about, you are well on your way to becoming great friends.

  • A more resilient temperament. If you can laugh off your mistakes and the blunders of others, you're in a much better place than if you simply hold on to grudges.

These four side effects hardly even begin the list. What are some other benefits?

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