Give Thanks

November 23, 2017

 Thanksgiving is a special holiday in many different ways. A friend commented that she "loves Thanksgiving because it's family time without the stress of gift-giving." I think we can all relate.

But as wonderful as Thanksgiving is, it should not be the only time we give thanks each year. If it is, we are missing the whole point--gratitude.

This Thanksgiving, we are making a list of seven things we're grateful for here at the Home. We encourage you to make your own list.

  1. Warmth on cold, wintery days.

  2. Family and friends who visit when it's hard to get out (especially in the winter).

  3. The ability to make new friends within the Home.

  4. Children who come in and keep us young.

  5. Volunteers that give time, money, and talents to the Home.

  6. All the departments within the Home that keep everything running smoothly.

  7. The freedom to express our faith.


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