It's a Wrap

I used to hate wrapping gifts-not because I hated the act itself, but because I could never get the gifts to look as pretty as I wanted them to be.

As I've gotten more practice, gift-wrapping has gotten easier and I've found more and more ideas to help.

If you're like me, here are some ideas to help:

  • Intentionally simplify the look. Buy some brown craft paper and twine. Everyone loves "brown paper packages tied up with string." If the look is too bland for you, try using stamps and ink or free-handing a simple design.

  • Try ribbon add-ins. Tuck in an evergreen stem, candy cane, dried lavender, or even a pine cone.

  • Make your own gift tags. A few weeks ago, ladies from the Home made this recipe for ornaments. You can easily make them smaller and paint them to be used as name tags. Bonus: this is a great kid-friendly tradition that makes your whole house smell like cinnamon!

  • Wrap all gifts in a similar fashion. All my gifts are wrapped in brown paper and tied with either ribbon or twine. Everyone knows without even picking up the gift who it's from.

I hope this list helps you enjoy your gift-wrapping this year. This list is just to get you started. Use your creativity to design your own personal flair. Happy wrapping!

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