Come Sit By Me: An Explanation

Over the years, many people have seen activity calendars and asked the question: "What is Come Sit By Me?" Even some residents ask that question after they read it on calendars or hear it said at morning announcements.

It's not a secret.

Some residents have trouble being fully involved in other activities for reasons as varied as the residents. Some are chronically fatigued. Others can't find the words they want as quickly as they want.

Come Sit By Me is a small-group activity where residents struggling to become involved in other activities can have their own activity--with discussion topics guided by staff and things to feel, smell, see, hear, and (everyone's favorite) taste. We talk about the things our senses have taken in and any memories they might have sparked.

We always try to do seasonal topics for discussion. In the winter, we might sample hot chocolate or talk about our memories of snowball fights (and even have a snowball fight). For spring, we feel a lamb's wool or robin's eggs. In the summer, we might touch fishing gear and talk about memories we have of going fishing, and in the autumn, we might sample pumpkin donuts and apple cider.

This small group is great for residents to get to know other residents and staff while being encouraged to be fully involved.

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