Spring Activities with Your Loved One

Spring is the season when love is in the air, but maybe "love" isn't just a romantic term. Maybe it can mean love for your parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent.

In case you're floundering for ideas of what to do this spring to show your love, here are a few things to get you started:

  • Make an edible birdhouse (learn how here). Even if the end result isn't picture perfect, you will have made memories together. And I'll bet the birds won't care.

  • Plant spring flowers together. Maybe you could find a window box you'd like to fill or a raised bed to plant.

  • Go for a drive. It's fun to just get out when the earth is waking up from a long winter. Drive down the street they grew up and talk about old memories.

  • Sit outside and listen to the birds. See how many different kinds of birds you spot and listen to the different calls.

  • Make them a May basket. The tradition is not too old-fashioned and can be lots of fun. Get the grandkids and great-grandkids involved in picking out things.

  • Play with kids Most people are still children at heart. Invite some kids to come play dolls or Legos, relax your adult standards, play with them, and encourage your loved one to join in.

  • Write an old-fashioned letter. Even if you live nearby and visit often, nothing beats receiving something in the mail. Take the time to make the card yourself and write a long letter telling them how much you love them and sharing some special memories you have with them. On your next visit, you'll probably see the card propped up in a prominent place.

I hope that this gets you started. Have fun sharing love this spring!

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