Benefit 2018: Preparation

Last week, I mentioned that things are already getting rolling on the benefit. I should be more clear. Things started rolling the minute last benefit was over and Patsy Kaeb gave the volunteers their feedback sheets, so that we can make this year even better.

But the things that are really starting to happen now are auction donations and lining up food booths.

With anything this large, there is a lot of work going on under the surface. One worker put it this way: "We're like ducks. Calm and relaxed on the surface and paddling like crazy underneath."

It's true. There are a lot of little things that need to happen in these months leading up to the benefit. In many ways, August 24 and 25 seem a long way away yet, but this is a huge event and a lot of work goes into it.

Thank you to the many wonderful volunteers who help with this event and many other events throughout the year. We truly couldn't do it without you.

If you'd like to donate items for the auction or want to know how you can help, just contact Patsy Kaeb, volunteer coordinator at (309) 923-2071, ext. 114.

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