Happy Independence Day!

I have many fond memories of the Fourth of July. I suspect everyone does.

Each year, I and my family met up with our church family for a picnic. On the short drive, we counted the flags lining the streets. It's something I still do on our country's birthday each year, more out of habit than for amusement now.

The potluck picnic burst with flavors and colors, with the colors red, white, and blue standing out in Jell-O salads, fruit pizzas, and cookies.

In the afternoon, those who hadn't stuffed themselves beyond comfort were tempted to start a softball game, while those too full to join in lingered on the outskirts, talking and laughing.

To me, the most exciting part of the whole day was the evening fireworks. As a child, I loved to lie on the ground and feel the boom resonate through my chest.

As I wade through the memories, sometimes I forget what I'm celebrating.

I'm celebrating the birth of my country, the freedom that we enjoy, and the God who has blessed us so much.

And I'm reminded again that our nation needs to be a "nation under God" for God to truly continue to bless us.

I'm not sure what memories you're reliving this Independence Day, but I challenge you to think about the meaning behind the holiday.

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