A Shepherd's Faith

December 17, 2018

Sometimes I forget that my faith is simple enough that even the shepherds could comprehend it.

I add rules and standards to my faith that make it more complicated than it needs to be. These rules make me feel secure, like I'm really doing something to impress God with my righteousness.

And yet, the Christmas story (and all of the gospel, really) is so simple that even some of the least educated people of one of the least educated times could grasp what it meant.

It's not complicated really.

The King of all time came as a baby and humbled Himself to the lowest place--for me.

He gave up His right to be considered a legitimate child by His countrymen--for me.

He spent His life in humility and poverty--for me.

He gave up His rights--for me.

He allowed Himself to be beaten, mocked, disrespected, and even killed--for me.

The shepherd became the perfect Lamb. sacrificed for me.

No, it's not complicated, but it is mind-blowing.

God doesn't do things halfway, and when He gave His Son, He completely gave Him.

For me.

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