Resolutions We Should Make

December 31, 2018

What are your resolutions for the new year?

2018 statistics say that the top three most common resolutions were to eat healthier, to get more exercise, and to save more money.

These are all worthy goals to have, but I wonder if sometimes we overlook some other goals that we should focus on.

Here are a few you could consider:

  • Spend less time on your smartphone and more time with your family. Be specific--it's easy to generalize a goal like this and not actually to follow through. Instead, say, "I will spend less than an hour on my phone each day and at least two hours with my kids before bed." Be realistic but specific.

  • Perform random acts of kindness at least once a week. This gets you thinking about others.

  • Write someone you haven't seen in a long time a good, old-fashioned letter thanking them for their friendship and what they've meant to you over the years. Maintain old friendships.

  • Begin volunteering at a place you believe in.

  • Build a hobby with your family (works well with the first suggestion). Could you learn to ice skate together? Or maybe you want to take a photography class with them. Whatever it is, you will be building memories together.

  • Make home-cooked meals several times a week for your family and sit down to eat with them. Some of my fondest memories are ones that happen with family around the dinner table.

  • Learn to appreciate the details. I like to take pictures of the little blessings God gives--blades of grass shining in the sun, the drops of water on a spider's web, the iridescent glow of the sunset on a puddle. Take the time to be grateful for the little things.

These are just a few resolutions to get you started thinking in the right direction. We focus so much on health and fitness, and it is important, but don't you think that we neglect some other important resolutions we could be making?


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