March 7, 2019


Saturday is National Day of Unplugging.

Technology is a blessing. It helps us to keep track of all sorts of things--grocery lists, how much we spent on gas, even how many steps we took in a day.

But technology is also a curse. The average American spends five hours a day on their devices! For more mind-boggling statistics, click here.

I definitely don't spend five hours on my phone, but it's true that I have a certain dependency on it. When the weather is nasty like it was this winter, I felt vulnerable not taking my phone with me to work. What if I get in an accident? What if I go in the ditch? What if I slip on the ice and can't get up? How long until someone would find me?

It's good that this Day of Unplugging comes when the seasons are shifting into warmer weather, so that we can truly unplug without fearing the consequences.

Saturday I'm going to turn my phone off and do other things--like enjoy the real-world people that I am with.

I challenge you to do the same.

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