Hope in the Darkness

April 1, 2019

Spring is full of waiting--waiting for the snow to melt, waiting for the first crocuses to bloom, waiting for the baby animals to appear, waiting for the leaves to start "greening."

In the same way, I think the disciples must have felt breathless as the life of Jesus reached its climax.

Of course, they expected the climax to be a kingdom, not a cross.

They were waiting and eager for the day when their Master would conquer the Romans and establish his reign. They were even fighting over who would occupy certain positions in his kingdom.

And then that awful day came when everything seemed lost and hopeless, when the Roman soldiers--at the permission of Pilot and the prodding of the Jewish leaders--nailed Jesus to a crude cross.

How dark the world seemed to them! The coming kingdom was crushed before it could even start. The world took the only truly innocent and holy Person that had ever been and sentenced Him to the judgment of a criminal. No doubt the disciples were disillusioned--everything they had banked on for three years had come crashing down in one day.

For three days, the disciples waited in agony, not knowing what to expect, fearing the Jews, not daring to hope that the temple Jesus said he would rebuild would be His own body.

How hopeless we are too, without Easter. How dark the world should be to us before Christ is living in us!

But then, in the middle of our darkness and fear, there springs a Light Eternal.

Easter is a time of anticipation and joy. We remember the suffering of the innocent Lamb, rejoice at the power of resurrection, and marvel at the love of God that made it possible.

How is your heart this Easter season?

Are you you lost in the darkness, looking back at the dreams that have been crushed by life's cruelties?

Or are you bursting with joy and amazement at the hope of the whole story?

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