Springtime Memories

April 25, 2019

I have peppermint growing wild in my herb garden. Most of the time it's just annoying, having to rip out unneeded plants that spread almost faster than I can pull them.

But this time of year, I rediscover the joy of peppermint tea made from fresh little spring leaves that are still too tentative to grow into maturity.

This time of year. I like to sit on my garden bench, sip my tea, and watch as life happens around me.

Especially this year, with the snowy, bitterly cold winter.

And as I bask in these glorious, sun-soaked evenings, I have to remember the days growing up. Mom, my brother, and I would sit together on the porch swing. She read to us from the Chronicles of Narnia, and then, when it got too dark to see the words, we would stay sitting out there, swinging quietly, sometimes with Mom humming "Abide with Me" or another hymn on her heart.

And then the robins would begin to scold. This always annoyed my mom. "Go to bed!" she would reprimand.

As much as it annoyed my mom, I liked the sound. It was a sign that things were winding down for the evening. And to this day, when I hear robins scolding one another in their nighttime tempers, I smile. It makes me remember the happy times sitting on the porch swing, mulling over C. S. Lewis or the words to a hymn.

I hope you have happy memories like these in your memory bank. If you don't and your childhood was especially painful, I hope and pray that you will find a way to create these happy memories now and in the future.

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