Easter: the Hard and the Good

April 18, 2019

Typically, I think of Easter as being a happy holiday, a rejoicing of new birth. But that first Easter began with the hollow ache of grief.

"Good Friday" did not feel good to anyone who knew justice. An innocent man condemned to die as a criminal? What was good about that?

Yet for those of us who have the privilege of looking back at that Holy Week, we can see clearly that is was really good.

This is how it is in our lives as well. In the middle of our hard, we have trouble seeing the good. When problems meet our eyes and refuse to back down, we begin to wonder, "How can a God of justice, mercy, and love allow this to happen?" Or maybe we ponder, "Why me?" or "Is it possible that God's good can shine through this painful situation?"

Easter Sunday gives a resounding "Yes!" God, who is good by His very nature, can use the darkness to bring our ultimate Light.

He did it on Easter morning and He's been doing it ever since.



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