June 10, 2019

In our day, mothers get a lot of the hype. Whether this fact stems from having a lot of single mothers in our society or from the rise of feminism, I'm not sure. Maybe a little of both.

But I do know that there is nothing like having a stable father or father figure in a child's life.

As I watched my brother roughhouse with his boys, as I watched him discipline as necessary, as I watched him love his kids, I saw this over and over again.

God designed the home with a father, and that is how it works best. That's not to say that home can't work without a father. It can, and in far too many cases, it does. But God hard-wired us to want a relationship with our fathers, to crave connection with him and approval from him.

Ultimately, this desire draws us to the one true Father, the Author and Sustainer of life. That desire for relationship draws us into a relationship with Him.

This Father's Day, when you're taking time to appreciate your earthly daddy, ask yourself How is my relationship with the Father?


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