Benefit 2019: What to Expect

Most of you are aware that Patsy Kaeb, our Benefit Coordinator, stepped into a part-time position last fall and is planning to retire this fall.

I'm sure the thought has crossed a few minds this spring and summer: "What will happen to the benefit with Patsy not taking charge?"

Let me reassure you. The benefit that the community has come to love will still go on.

There will be changes--we won't sugar-coat it. A few groups who have been helping out for years are unable to commit this year. A few new groups have stepped in. There will be new faces behind some of our food booths. And there will be an entirely new booth (selling servings of fruit and veggies).

But outside of the few new faces and a new person coordinating things, we are striving to keep things as you've come to expect and love them.

If you have any new ideas to offer or would like to be a part of the benefit, please contact Michelle Kennell, Volunteer and Benefit Coordinator at (309) 923-2071, ext. 114 or

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