Appreciating Work

When I was a child, I abhorred washing the dishes and picking up sticks. Out of all the work that clouded my young horizon, those two tasks were the thunderclouds.

My perspective began to shift as I grew. Some work was actually fun. And if not exactly "fun," then at least "rewarding."

God gave man the ability and opportunity to work. It's tempting to think that man didn't have to work until after the Fall, but that's not true. Adam worked hard at tending the Garden of Eden and naming the animals before he and Eve were banished from the Garden.

The curse was not work so much as difficulty in work. Or, more simply, work that fights back. And there is a difference.

Do you enjoy rising to the challenge of conquering a task? Do you relish looking back at a huge task and marking it off your list? How do you appreciate your work? Do you approach it with a positive mindset?

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