Patriot Day

I remember standing in the middle of a harvested cornfield staring at the sky as Air Force One sped across the sky. It was the afternoon of September 11, 2001.

I remember people talking about the tragedy in hushed tones. I remember them pointing out the jet and saying, "All other flights are grounded." I remember being awestruck that the President was just overhead.

People didn't stop talking about that day. We later found out the death tally--almost 3,000--and the number of those injured by the attacks--over 6,000. Those are sobering numbers to a sheltered farm kid in Illinois.

Out of the ashes of this horrible day rose a nation that remembered that she was indeed "under God," and that she was unified only under Him. It's remarkable how trials often bring us back to God.

Also, from this day began a new holiday, Patriot Day, which is a chance for us to remember those who have fallen--both on that day and throughout history.

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