Everyone knows that "in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue." And maybe I'm just a history nerd, but I've always wondered, What else happened in 1492?

To be fair, the discovery of a continent (even if it wasn't the first time it had been discovered) is a pretty major event. Evidently it's important enough to overshadow everything else that occurs in the same year.

But other things did happen. The world didn't sit there, breathlessly awaiting the conclusion of Columbus's first trip across the Atlantic.

On January 2 of that same year, the Islamic state of Granada surrendered to the Spanish King Ferdinand, thus extinguishing a Spanish Muslim presence that had been in place for over seven hundred years.

On January 16, Spanish grammar (the foundation of the same Spanish grammar that is taught today in high schools all over the US) was presented to Queen Isabella.

On May 15, 232 peasants were killed in an uprising under the Bread and Cheese Revolt, a revolt that objected to high taxes on impoverished people. This massacre effectively ended the Revolt.

On August 11, Pope Alexander VI came into power. This pope was a controversial and very powerful figure during his day. He would later give his blessing of enslaving New World natives.

On October 12, Christopher Columbus landed on an island in San Salvador.

On October 26, graphite pencils made their appearance.

On November 7, a meteorite hit near a small village in Alsace, France.

Also in 1492, people went to their daily jobs, lived their normal lives, and some even remained oblivious that something great was happening.

Makes you wonder what great thing is around the corner that we can't see coming.

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