November 18, 2019

As the days get shorter and colder, I have to force myself to go outside of my home. It's easier just to stay put, light a candle, snuggle under my blanket with a good book, and sip my tea.

And perhaps that's what winter was designed for.

God knew that after a season of growth, the land would need a break. It isn't good for land to be constantly in use. The seventh year of rest that the Jews observed teaches us that.

But even winter can teach us that.

As we head into winter, our tendency is to throw our lives into high gear, knocking out to do lists, family gatherings, and Christmas shopping in one fell swoop.

But what if winter wasn't designed to be delivered at a break-neck pace? What if it was meant as a chance to withdraw and regroup, a chance to renew our lives and redefine our visions?

Maybe you feel like you can't slow down. If you slow down, then you'll forget to do something, miss a reunion, or offend someone when you forget to get them a gift. And those are valid points.

But the people who truly care about you have never wanted what you can do for them-- they've wanted you. And if a restful winter doesn't make you more "you," then I'm not sure what will.

Prioritize rest this winter.

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