The Old, Old Story

December 23, 2019

I wonder what that night was like before the angels appeared and shocked the shepherds almost witless with fright.

Was it really a "silent night" or were the sheep agitated? Were there wolves howling in the distance, causing disturbance in the flock and unease with the shepherds? Was there a full moon? Or were thousands of pinprick stars the shepherds' only companions?

There's beauty in not knowing all the details. Instead of marking a single event, not knowing the setting makes the Christmas story applicable for everyone.

Is your life "silent," obscure, unimpressive, mundane? Or are your "sheep" restless, needy, struggling? Into either situation, Jesus can step in and transform the picture.

It's not like these shepherds went out and did amazing things for the rest of their lives. Their occupation was tending sheep, for crying out loud. This was a pretty low job. I'm sure they didn't immediately start to climb the social classes, get a new house and a new job.

But I can't imagine that they were the same after they met Jesus.

Your situation may not change. Jesus may keep you in your predicament or in your obscurity. But meeting Him changes everything.

And that's the beauty of this season, the reason that no matter how many times you hear the story, it never gets old. Jesus is still changing things, still stepping into darkness, obscurity, or crazy busyness to meet us where we are and transform us.

Merry Christmas from our Home to yours!

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