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Wild & Wacky Winter Games

After the Christmas and New Year's celebrations are over and all the holiday sugar has been consumed, it's easy to let this time of year become boring. Even the weather tends to be more bleak and bleary after the sparkle of the holidays are over--grey clouds overtake the sky and the bitter cold sets in.

It takes some foresight to conquer this grey that tends to envelope January and February.

For years, our Activity Department planned a "Beat the Blahs" party to shove this gloominess aside and provide an afternoon of unusual activities--things like racing to stack pennies, dividing (and eating) Skittles by color, asking trivia questions, and (of course) eating good food. The party was a great way to break up the monotony and is a lot of fun for both residents and staff.

This year, instead of having this party in the afternoon, we are hosting as an evening of "Wild and Wacky Winter Games."

Feel free to join us tonight at 6:15 for an evening of fun.

For the full January calendar, click here.

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