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Canceled Activities, Virus Protection

It's been a challenging week for us here at the Home. Self-quarantine is not fun, but in order to protect our residents, it's necessary.

Activities has been trying to lighten the mood by hosting activities within resident rooms. We've been having daily snacks passed around to residents and readings over the intercom.

We know that it's been challenging--not just for our residents, but also for our resident families and staff. But when the safety of our residents is what really matters, what are our inconveniences?

We hope you can understand the importance of keeping the germs out of our facility. For residents who might have compromised immune systems anyway, a simple sickness can be life-threatening.

Our March activity calendar is no longer accurate and Family Night (scheduled for tonight) is canceled.

We hope that the rest of your March is happy and healthy. We look forward to the day when we can invite visitors back into our facility.

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