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KFC Lunch

There aren't a lot of people who don't like a good piece of fried chicken.

Colonel Harland Sanders is the man that we can thank for popularizing this treat.

When he was only five, Harland's father passed away, and his mother had to work outside the home to support him and his two younger siblings. At seven, Harland--functioning as the stay-at-home authority--learned to cook, making popular dishes like fried chicken and country ham.

It really is a longer story than can be condensed to a single small post, but these recipes that he learned from his mother were the seeds that grew into a long and profitable restaurant business--the business we know as Kentucky Fried Chicken.

We're celebrating Kentucky Fried Chicken today in the best possible way--by ordering it for lunch. Fried chicken with all the fixings delivered to our residents in their rooms to hopefully break up the quarantine for them.

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