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Spring Drives

We've had itchy feet here at the Home for a little while now. When spring is so close it's hard to sit still. And when the outside world is full of potential germs and disease, it heightens the claustrophobia.

This is why we're so excited about taking our first Spring Drive tomorrow. It will be a little atypical--because of social distancing, only a few residents can ride on each trip in the bus--but it is still a drive.

Spring Drives are an excellent opportunity to get out, see the field work going on, meander through the countryside, and drive by the little towns and villages that shaped our growing up years. Often, a resident will put in a request such as "could we drive by my brother's house? It's to the right at the next intersection." This is one way these drives are so spontaneous and fun.

Other times, the driver will have a specific location in mind--like his friend's farm place or a goat farm or a little village church.

I've had the opportunity to drive for a number of these outings and it has been a real treat. Would you like to join our team of volunteer drivers? We would love to have you join us! Get in touch with Michelle Kennell, Volunteer Coordinator, for more information ( 309.923.2071, ext. 114).

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